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Mostly people are concerned about the security of the email account especially when it is used for keeping important documents. If you own Hotmail account, then you must ensure that you reset the password after certain period of time so that you can provide it an extra security. There are number of ways by which hackers can hack your account and if your account is hacked, then without delay you must seek support for Hotmail password recovery. Recovery process of password has certain steps that you have to follow accurately. In case of failing to do so, you are not allowed to complete the process successfully. Mainly there are two methods by which you can reset the password.One is by the help of security question and another is with the help of temporary password. Any of these methods are helpful in resetting the password of the account.

Hotmail password recovery

Security question method

Every user must have tendency of resetting the password after a fixed duration for preventing situation of Hotmail account hacked situation. This will provide an extra security to your account. You should set up few such questions for security purpose that you are only who knows the answer so that you can answer those questions and recover the account. If you don’t remember the answers later when you try to reset password, then you have to follow the next set of instructions for Hotmail password recovery. Here are the set of steps you can follow:

  • You visit the forgot password page and then select password option present there. There is a space where you have to enter the full email address and the last name. Once you fill these details correctly, you have to select ‘continue’.
  • Now, you can find a drop-down menu from where you have to select ‘I’ll answer my security question’. This is the place where you can find those security questions, you have to answer them correctly for Hotmail password recovery.
  • You must choose ‘continue’ once you have answered the questions. Finally, you get a prompt to create a new password. While creating the new password you must ensure that you are using the mixture of alphabets, numbers and special characters.

Once you have successfully created a new password, you receive a confirmation for the same.  It will take some time for the new password to take effect only after few minutes you should again login in the account by using the new password. If you were prevented from login then you have to consult Hotmail technical support team for help. The executives of the team will guide you through another process of recovery so that you are able to get back the access of your account again.

Temporary password method

Suppose you have forgotten the password of your account or you have not set any security questions earlier then you can take help of executives of Hotmail customer service team. They will help you with proper solutions. Otherwise you can also recover the password using these set of steps:

  • Again, you visit the ‘forgot password’ page and select the password option. There is space present where you have to enter your email and last name. Now after entering the details, you have to select ‘continue’.
  • You will find a drop-down menu from where select ‘send me a temporary password’. You have to choose option where you will receive the password that is either from email address or phone number.  Choose only one option.
  • Finally, you receive the temporary password. You have to copy the password and enter it in the provided field of the Hotmail.

You can dial Hotmail helpline number for understanding the steps of recovery and creating the new password using the temporary password. If you need any assistance in the process then we will help you. As well as maintain the confidentially of the password and all your related details of your account. So, whenever you need help in the Hotmail password recovery process without delay you must consult our team. We are present round the clock, to provide relevant support whenever you need irrespective of day and time. Hence, whenever you face any problem you must immediately seek help from our support team.