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In this era of modern technology where we are highly dependent on technology for communication process, email services are consider cheapest and fastest mode of communication. Hotmail is consider one of the best among the email services present in the world. The extraordinary features are very easy to use so it is prefer by huge section of population across the world. In the way of using Hotmail account there are various issues which obstructs easy usage hence you need assistance for tackling such issues. You can seek expert opinions from the Hotmail customer service team. They will assist you when you need to recover your account that has been hacked.

Hotmail customer service

Steps to follow for recovering an account

  • If you think that there is some suspicious activity in your account when you are accessing it then immediately reset the password of that concerned account. If you need help for doing so then simply take help of Hotmail customer service You should make your account secure by completing the security check up so that attacker does not have the access of your account. In this way you can prevent the situation of hacking. After securing the account you have to login in the account for further checking whether any hindrance occurs.
  • In case, you find that there are some signs of virus then there is a possibility that the hacker has the access of the account, And he is remotely accessing it. This is a very serious situation so you should immediately call our customer service team for seeking help from our experts. It is highly recommend that you install antivirus in your system for preventing the situation of hacking. If required you should wipe your computer and reinstall the operating system. For reinstallation process of the operating system if you need any help then our Hotmail technical support team will help you.
  • While login in the account, you have to ensure that you enter correct username and password. So that you fulfill the requirements of the login process. If you face Hotmail login problem and you are not allow to access the account. Then you should simply take help of the support team. They will help you to find out the actual cause of the problem and hence resolve it.
  • If you notice a bar at the top of your account indicates that there is some suspicious activity in your account. And this bar is generated by Hotmail itself because Hotmail feel that somebody might have hacked your account. This is a security threat so whenever you get such a threat you must immediately call in Hotmail helpline number for seeking assistance of the experts. For solving by yourself you have to click on that red bar. And you will be allow to see the list of devices that you have recently used for accessing the account. In this way you can detect something suspicious.
  • Suddenly if you find that you are unable to login. Then that shows that the hacker changed the password of your account. If you are in such a situation you must go for recovering back the password. Our team assists you with the steps of Hotmail password recovery. Though the recovery steps are very simple yet you may need some help in the process. So whenever you find that you are in such a situation. Our team is always present to help you with relevant solution.

Why to contact us?

Whether you are suffering from Hotmail account hacked situation or you are prevented from login in the account you will need help of technicians for solving the issue. Firstly, you have to contact the support team by dialing the support number. Once you get in touch with the technicians then you must tell them exactly the issues that you are facing. Our technicians will listen to you carefully and then analyse the issue according to your situation. We will first find out the cause of the issue and then provide solution for solving the issue completely. Hotmail customer service team is present round the clock to understand your trouble. And solve all sorts of issues that arise in the Hotmail account.