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Hacking is a crime that people perform for stealing account details. Suddenly, if you find that you are unable to enter into your account then there is a chance that your account has been hacked completely. You may get frustrated by this situation of Hotmail account hacked especially when you know that you are entering the login details correctly. Before confirming hacking, you should again check the username properly. Because when you have multiple accounts. And there are chances that the browser is set to auto-fill the account details. And that’s why you are unable to access the account.

Hotmail Account Hacked

What to do when Hotmail account hacked?

If you are sure that you are entering proper username. And that is not the case, then there is a possibility that your account is hack. By hearing the phrase hacked account, you may get disturb but in such a situation you should stay calm and contact Hotmail technical support team. The executives present here will help you with the process of recovering the account instantly.

When you are trying to access the account and you are unable to do so. Then after a fixed number of times to login you should stop. As multiple attempts to log in to the account with wrong credentials may block your account and you will be in more trouble. But now how to tackle the Hotmail login problem that you are facing? In that situation you must click on ‘can’t access your account?’ present just below the sign in box. After that you will be taken to a link where you have to click on ‘forgot your password?’ Now you have to follow the process of password recovery for back the password.

You must go through Hotmail password recovery especially when you think that the password is the culprit. In the recovery page of the Hotmail account you have to enter the recovery email address and the Captcha and then you will receive an email in that email address which has the recovery steps. You have to follow those steps properly for completing the recovery process. If you need any help, then you have to take the help of support team.


  • At the first place, you have to determine whether your account has been compromise. And someone unauthorized is using your account. If you find that your password or recovery email address or the security questions that you have set, have been change. Then there is no doubt that your account has been hack and you need to take steps against. You can avail help of Hotmail customer service in that case so that you are able to regain access of the account easily.
  • When you become aware that the account has been hacked then you must click on ‘Can’t access your account?’ link present on the home page. After that you have to select the third option that is ‘I’m having other problems signing in.’. Now you have to enter your email address and after that click submit. In case you have any trouble doing so then take help of customer service team by dialling Hotmail helpline number.
  • After you enter the Captcha successfully you will receive an account recovery form in the recovery email address that you have mentioned. Now you have to enter your identification information and submit the form. Hotmail compares the records and then only grant you permission to access the account. Our team provide you all the require assistance in these steps. So that you are able to overcome the situation of Hotmail account hacked.

If the is Hotmail account is hack, then that is dangerous as it may contain all the confidential information. Whenever you are in such a situation without delay you must consult the support team. We will immediately rush towards recovering the account from hacked state. As our team members know that situation of Hotmail account hacked is very critical and needs attention immediately. We have years of experience in handling all the issues of Hotmail account. So, without worrying much whenever you are in such a situation. You must immediately take help of the support team for recovering the hacked account.